The Bikes of DealerCamp – Osprey Packs Experience
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The Bikes of DealerCamp


The Elliptigo felt akward to me at first but felt more natural after a few minutes of riding.

Bike DealerCamp 2011 began with a bang, literally, as thunderstorms rolled through the Deer Valley area Tuesday night. Exhibitors received an e-mail around 1:00 a.m. notifying them that they should probably show up early Wednesday morning to clean up the carnage from the night before. Wind gusts and rain wreaked havoc on exhibitor tents and displays. There were even a few tents floating in the nearby lake (including an Osprey competitor). Fortunately, we have displayed at enough events during inclement weather that we took no chances and had everything covered and heavily anchored. Other than a few damp boxes, the Osprey booth was unscathed.

After the rough start, things dramatically improved and the sun was shining for the remainder of the week. DealerCamp 2011 has grown significantly over the 2010 event with the number of exhibitors more than doubling. There is no shortage of demo bikes available from many industry leaders as well as smaller “mom and pop” companies. There are a lot of really cool trends developing in the bike industry including  the use of alternative materials in frame and component construction, new offerings in the commute and touring lines, and electric or hybrid style bikes. It is great to see the bike industry embracing the idea of sustainability from the angle of materials and manufacturing processes as well as creating bikes that make cycling a viable option for all walks of life (thus reducing the number of cars on the road).

Here are photos showing some of the coolest and/or weirdest bikes at DealerCamp 2011.


This super cool Schwinn is made of Flax fiber with bamboo grips and fenders.

Tubing on this frame is made of bamboo which is a very renewable resource. The owner said it rode great and was super durable.

Big Shot Bikes out of Ft Collins, CO is making these Single Speed Fixie cruisers.

The BuddyBike was designed for special needs childen. Super cool!

Electric hybrid bikes seem to be here to stay. Great for commuting.

Four inch wide tires make for easy travel in sand or snow.