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The Gift of Grist

There’s still time! If you missed yesterday’s post about the special Grist/Osprey opportunity, listen up!, the funny and poignant eco-news site is having a fundraiser. And we need YOUR help. You have until the end of today (Wednesday the 20th) to be 1 of 30, $120 donors  who will receive a sweet Osprey pack as your gift for donating to Grist.

Grist is a non-profit but unlike our friends at PBS whose pledge drive prizes usually include gifts like a 1980’s romp through Yugoslavia with Rick Steves VHS tape or a double CD set of Gregorian chants, this drive offers a gift much closer to our outdoor hearts.

By donating to Grist you can win a genuine ReSource series pack made from recycled soda bottles – sturdy enough for your daily commute or day hikes and featuring compartments for your laptop, MP3 player, water bottle, and more.

So go here to donate and win!

Act now! Don’t be late! Don’t hesitate! Don’t delay!

And if you’re not up to date on Osprey’s own environmental activities and contributions, read about them here.

Help a Grist out, yo!