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The Path Less Pedaled: What Is Bicycle Travel?

Photo: Russ Roca, The Path Less Pedaled

Three years ago, Russ Roca and Laura Crawford left their home in Long Beach, California, on what would turn out to be a fateful bike trip to Joshua Tree. By the time they returned, began plans to sell everything they owned to take off on an incredible adventure — on two wheels.

Instead of investing in a corporate job, a mortgage, a retirement plan, we decided to invest in ourselves. We took the value off of our stuff and put it on the opportunity to live deeply, to follow our dreams, to create everyday adventures. We stopped wondering about the rest of the world, and went out to experience it.

Now after three years and thousands of miles traveled, Russ and Laura are settling down for now in the bike mecca of Portland, Oregon to better share their story of the path less pedaled

After 4,000 loaded touring miles on our Bromptons, we also want to share all that we’ve learned about adventure travel on these sturdy little bikes… we’ve taken some time to think about why bicycle travel is such an incredible way of exploring a place and why someone should consider it. What is bicycle travel? Watch and see.

What is Bicycle Travel? from Russ Roca on Vimeo.

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