The Race is On!! – Osprey Packs Experience
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The Race is On!!

Team Osprey and Team YogaSlackers continue to lead the pack and have distanced themselves from the rest of the teams in this race. Many teams have chosen to head straight from the Via Ferrata over to the Tyrolian, to avoid any additional congestion. Word from the course is that it took almost an hour to clear the logjam at the VF so teams are now reviewing their strategies, and it appears many are willing to take the 2 hour penalties for each missed checkpoint so they can make the cut-offs and get back to the Gold Bar transition area for the start of a long bike leg that should take most teams through the night. Rumors abound that the bike leg will take riders through the famed Slickrock trail before heading on up into the LaSal Mountains!!! Wow, riding Slickrock at night should prove fun and challenging.
Jan and Kim Bear, the Famed Santa Fe Bear Pair are entered and once again racing super strong!! These two continue to balance jobs, child rearing and racing at a top level!! Kudos to them as they are one of the first teams to ride through Moab:

Bear Pair (along with a solo rider) heading into Moab under setting sun!

Darkness is now approaching and teams are heading out for the long bike leg!