The South Yuba River – Osprey Packs Experience
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The South Yuba River

It’s day three of the Wild and Scenic Environmental Film Festival, with lots of great movies still to come.  We’ve had a great time in Nevada City, getting to know some of the fantastic locals behind this event and we’ve enjoyed some very interesting films.  Yesterday we headed out into the countryside to ponder the South Yuba river.  While a 39 mile long stretch of the river was designated as Wild & Scenic in 1999, the work of the Southern Yuba Citizen’s League goes on.  As with many rivers in this part of the world, a huge issue is salmon restoration and there is a long way to go in that regard.  Learn more about and help support the cause by visiting the SYRCL website.

We explored a section of river with clear running water and large granite boulder everywhere.  Steep mossy banks and granite gorges rise to forested hillsides above.  Trails run along the river and there are obviously some great swimming holes in the summer time.  It’s wonderful to see that local action has worked to preserve the Yuba, hopefully for generations to come.

Back in Nevada City, the films and fun are winding down, but we hope to see you at a tour stop sometime this year or here, at the home festival next year!!!