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Three Years, Three Million Ridiculous Feet of Climbing

Over the past three years I’ve been keeping track of my vertical feet of climbing, backcountry skiing and mountain biking. I have now climbed a total of three million feet.

I may not have made a million dollars, or even hand crafted a million pieces of wood into patterns at work like my dad, but apparently I’m decent at climbing uphill. So if you are good at  something you might as well stick with it, even if it means suffering up a mountainside. It’s always worth it when you make that first turn or descent on singletrack. Here are a few photos from my climbs and descents over the last few years.

Andy Traslin‘s parents got on skis and into the mountains at a young age. As Andy progressed to ski racing and front country, he started finding powder stashes that kept him exploring further and further to see what was around the next corner. He lives in British Columbia and spends as much time as possible earning turns and finding singletrack.

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