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Travel Tuesday: Iceland Wants To Be Your Friend

Iceland. Just the name inspires visions of toasty wool sweaters, steaming geothermal pools and those mind-blowing Northern Lights.

Well, after stumbling across this video over on Huffington Post today, we also realized just how adorable and awesome Icelandic people can be. Their Tumblr blog is definitely worth a visit. In this video by Inspired by Iceland, locals invite us to come and visit their island and their homes — offering to take us kayaking, play a concert in our hotel room and even to teach us how to knit those cozy Icelandic sweaters. To top it off, the President of Iceland, Olafur Ragnar Grimsson invites us to his home: “We will give you delicious pancakes.”

Iceland, we love you. And we definitely want to come and visit.

PHOTO via Iceland On Tumblr