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Travel Tuesday: Make a Bucket List

As we’re speeding to the close of 2010, a lot of folks are starting to think about the last year — the adventures, the people and many times what they’ve missed out on. While these memories usually fuel the New Years resolutions of the next year, why not take some time to think about your bucket list? Yep, we’re talking about that list of things you want or need to do before you die.

Get out, explore, live every single day… And if you need some inspiration, check out the list compiled by the folks at Matador Network:

There is so much out there, and on the other hand, so much less wilderness and wildlife. Sometimes it feels like we’re racing against time to experience something or somewhere before whatever it is that makes it special has been exhausted, used up, crowded out.

And yet the experiences we seek as “once in a lifetime,” the ones Josh Lew and other Matador community members have collected here, have a way of transcending time. Whether single events or processes that take weeks, months, or years, these experiences remind us that the world remains a magical place.

1. Cross a glacier on foot. Traversing these fast-disappearing natural wonders is an adventure that future generations might not be able to experience.

2. Climb one of the world’s Seven Summits. Climbing mountains is not for the faint-hearted, but everyone has had a dream of standing atop one.

3. Surf. It’s not about being a ripper but just catching waves.

4. Visit the source of one of the world’s great rivers. Great rivers, like the Nile, have humble beginnings.

5. Follow your food from field to table. Most people in the world still eat what they have picked with their own hands.Why not get back to these basics?

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