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Travel Tuesday: Skiing down the 14th Highest Peak in the World

In the fall just over two years ago, a team of four traveled to Tibet with the goal of making a first ski descent off of the 14th highest peak in the world, the 26,289-foot (8,013-meter) Mount Shishapangma.

The video of this experience (above) is beautiful in and of itself. The scenery — from the streets of Kathmandu to the slopes of Shishapangma — is striking, unique and utterly unlike the hustle and bustle of any city in the U.S. What can’t be seen in the film are the other sensory experiences of the adventure, from sounds to smells to tastes and touch.

As one of the four teammates, Kim Havell, wrote via her post on Nat Geo of what can’t be fully visualized in the video, Kathmandu was something like this:

“At the threshold of this exotic world, we were greeted with an overwhelming display of noises, smells, dust, two-stroke smoke, and an overpowering visual of used plastics strewn throughout its narrow and congested streets. However, once the introductory veil was lifted, the chaos became an organized frenzy. The winding passages had their own symmetry and the overabundance of visual stimuli dissolved into a more rational perspective. The plastic and waste was in part due to Western impact. And, at that time, neither Nepal nor Tibet had solid infrastructure in place for garbage disposal.”

The short film above takes you from this city with overwhelming energy into a pure white mountain landscaped with a sense of calm and peace at its core, creating a juxtaposition that makes the film intriguing at its very core. Enjoy!

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