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Travel Tuesday: Three Sure-fire Ways to Recover from Jet lag

by Serena Bishop Gordon

Three sure-fire ways to recover from jet lag…

  1. Mountain Biking: Two wheels and tacky trails
  2. Coffee and Cake
  3. Whiskey Tasting

Our trajectory to Scotland felt like traveling into the future, or maybe the past – but instead of a clean break, we lost half a day, never saw the sun go down and arrived in Scotland after close to 24 hours of consistent daylight. Exhausted but invigorated, we did our best to beat jet lag. Our first full day in Peebles, Scotland, located in the Borders Region just 40 kilometers south of Edinburgh, presented us with relatively clear skies and loads to explore.

After a full breakfast prepared in our flat furnished entirely by IKEA, we built up our bikes, threw on our Raptor 14 Osprey Packs and headed to Glentress, the closest of the 7stanes Mountain Bike areas to Peebles.

A quick 20-minute spin up a gravel road delivered us to the base of Glentress, which features more than 250 miles of trails, a full service bike shop, a café, showers, a bike wash and wigwams (camping cabins). The trails were well marked, color-coded for ability and length, easy to follow and required no map consultations for someone brand new to the area.

The single track was awesome! Man-made for all-weather riding, it was flowy, fast and tacky, with down switch-backs and rocky bits with optional rock drops, log rides and some mandatory air… needless to say it was RAD.

Upon returning to the trailhead, we made a compulsory stop at the café for coffees and cakes and used the coin-operated bike wash. Brilliant – food, drink and bike wash at the trailhead; the Scots have it figured out.

A shower and a change of clothes later, we headed to experience some real Scottish culture – a Scotch Whiskey tasting at a local shop. After two hours of tasting, education and a hardy serving of nibbles, we said goodbye to shop owner, Allen XXX, and strolled home along the River Tweed with a few “souvenirs” loaded into our pack.

Our few days in Peebles, Scotland has been brilliant. Next up – riding with the locals in Selkirk.


Serena Bishop Gordon and her husband Ben Gordon are mountain biking their way through Scotland this month and agreed to take us along for the ride. While cycling fuels Serena’s soul, in addition to racing bikes, she spends the rest of her time advocating for wild places with The Conservation Alliance.

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