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Travel Tuesday: Travel Resolutions

We’re a couple of days into 2011, which means we’re hoping you’re already in the midst of planning this year’s adventures. And with new adventures comes the opportunity to switch up the way you travel. We’re talking about travel resolutions; all those things you keep telling yourself you’re going to do on your next trip but never get around to it. Well, now’s the time!

Here are a few to get you started:

Push your boundaries – Whether it’s staying in a new neighborhood, exploring without a guidebook or traveling alone, we could all do with getting out of our comfort zones when we’re on the move. Expand your travel repertoire by seeing and doing new things, so start brainstorming what’s going to inspire you to push your boundaries this year!

Pack lighter – We all carry a lot of baggage (pun intended) but think about how much more enjoyable your trips are when you aren’t lugging around three various backpacks and a computer bag. Determine what you need for your adventures and pack the essentials, and then if you’re really good, get it all into a carry-on bag like the Vector 22!

Take time to disconnect – Pictures and videos of your adventures are fun, but when we’re so focused on documenting our surroundings it’s easy to stop truly appreciating them. So put the camera and iPhone away and take time to connect with the place you’re in.

What are your 2011 travel resolutions? Tell us in the comments below!