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Try Taking an Osprey to Cuba and See What Happens

Bags are a hot commodity in Cuba, and I mean all kinds of bags.

A few years ago, customers would be hard pressed to find a store that would bag their goods in plastic sacks; thus, the habit of rewashing and reusing “nylons,” as my mother-in-law calls them. Now, unfortunately, plastic bags are ubiquituous in Havana’s shops.

But personal bags and backpacks… that’s another story entirely.

When we call Francisco’s family before a trip to ask them what they’d like us to bring, the list inevitably includes bags. Purses, school satchels, and backpacks are all hot items. Into my three Osprey bags went a pink backpack for our niece and two large purses — one red, one white — for a sister-in-law and a friend of the family.

It was inevitable that I’d lose one of my Osprey bags; I always come back home lightened of my luggage. Someone in the family decides they need to relieve me of a bag or two, so I knew this time would be no different. Above is Francisco’s son with his newly acquired Osprey pack.

And if you’ve never been to Havana and are wondering what it’s like, you can see photos from my recent trip here.