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Turns All Year for 5 Years

It started 5 years ago. The goal is to ski every month of the year, through all of the seasons.

On summer when I was climbing Rainier, I noticed skiers coming down the mountain. We had just finished slogging up
and down the standard route, upon arriving at camp Muir, there we’re skiers climbing up and skiers skiing down. Being a skier first. I thought to myself “why am I not doing that?”. At that moment it all changed and skis have become a crucial piece of gear whenever I make a trip up into the mountains.

When you ski all year, the new snow in October isn’t quite as exciting because we’ve probably already got our turns in. It may not be powder, actually we’re often skiing firm sun cups and sketched out beyond belief, but you get to work on your skills and test your abilities on hard conditions. But it’s all worth it when you get the surprise powder day in June or September.

One word to the wise is there will be a lot of walking with 2 by 4’s on your back to get to the snow. Be warned if you are hiking in a popular area, you are going to get a lot of questions as to why you are carrying skis in the middle of August. It will be worth it when the hiker’s are slogging down the slope and you blast by laying a turn in the snow.

Here’s to another 5 years…

Andy Traslin got into skiing at a young age when his parents introduced him to skis in the North Shore Mountains of British Columbia. It wasn’t long before he progressed to ski racing and the front country. “I like to push myself to the maximum in the mountains to see what I can do physically to my abilities.”