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Unicorn Sashimi: Yes, Please

It may be the middle of June, but some of our favorite filmmakers have us thinking of deep turns and powder shots. If you didn’t make it to this year’s 5Point Film Fest or Mountainfilm, you may not have seen the inspiring and creative film with the whimsical title: Unicorn Sashimi. Whether you’re a powder hound or not, the magic produced from Felt Soul Media and Sweetgrass Productions is going to make you yearn for the white stuff…

Filmed in Hokkaido, Japan during the winter of last year, Unicorn Sashimi is a powdery white homage to the Japanese pioneers of a skill called powder boarding.

Adventure Journal spoke with one of the filmmakers, Ben Knight, who had this to say about this Japanese equivalent to snowboarding:

“Sweetgrass has local connections and just generally a ton of respect in the Japanese “snow surfing” community. This led to a few fleeting moments of cinematic bliss when pro Japanese snowboarders crossed paths with our new camera. If you took a shot of a Japanese snowboarder on a swallowtail and somehow layered it over a shot of a wave, I seriously doubt that you could tell the difference in style. Nothing in my 15 years of snowboarding has influenced my riding more than one day spent riding with the snow surfers. They have a way of making your average snowboarder look like they’re commuting to work, late, rushed and generally uninspired by the terrain blowing past them. No matter the snow conditions, a talented Japanese snow surfer will gracefully and powerfully shred every feature they can find as if snowboarding were their art form.”

Indeed, it’s hard to even categorize what the people in this video are doing as just “snowboarding,” considering it takes on an art form and a level of finesse all its own. Call it what you will, this short film is not only beautifully crafted, those who star in it slither down the mountain so swiftly, and in such a unique manner, that it’s well worth the five and a half minute watch — especially that perfectly executed front flip.

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