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Valhalla: A Ski Film Unlike Any Other

If you’ve been watching (and re-watching, and then watching one more time) the teaser for Sweetgrass Productions’ fourth feature film, Valhalla, you’re not alone. If you’ve never seen it before, watch it. And then take a few minutes to check out the brand-new, full length trailer for the film that’s going to redefine ‘ski film’ now and forever. Unlike so many other ooh-and-ahh-inducing films that showcase pro skiers on bluebird days blowing pow every which way, Valhalla is thought-provoking, emotional and even existentially challenging. It brings up the age-old question: what happens to that simple joy we all experience as children? The rest of the film explores this question through the story of one man’s effort to rediscover his own youthful nature.

In all of its trippy, whimsical, effortless glory, Valhalla will premiere this fall in Boulder. In the meantime, sit back and experience — perhaps for the first time in decades — the unabashed joy of seeing something truly awesome for the first time: Valhalla.