Walking London to Brussels, with skis on my back to Save Our Snow in Copenhag – Osprey Packs Experience
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Walking London to Brussels, with skis on my back to Save Our Snow in Copenhag

One country crossed on foot, rainy England, and two more countries to go on my quest to the UN’s World Climate Treaty Summit in Copenhagen. We are on our third day in Holland, and have had gale-force winds and driving rain for almost 9 days now – I’ve grateful for my Patagonia clothing in this kind of weather. The good news is that my body has adapted to this weird walking thing, and I was feeling quite chipper today during our daily EPIC walk. Last week in Britain was brutal for me on so many levels – bad weather, no sleep, jet lag, work nightmares at home, sore feet, and an aching body that isn’t used to walking for 10 hours a day on FLAT ground for days upon days on end. Today I adjusted to this new sport, and my general ski mountaineering attitude kept me pumping while the others start to wither. I felt so incredibly peppy this afternoon, that I jogged the last three kilometers, HEAD skis and fully loaded Osprey Pack and all!! We have some incredibly hard days coming up from Holland to Belgium – tedious days on concrete and pavement bicycle paths that pound the feet to shreds. At the end of the day, I sometimes feel that someone is whacking each foot with a wooden paddle at a high velocity. For a strange reason, running feels better on the body than walking – less jarring and more use of mountain-girl muscles. I’m glad to have my KEEN running shoes and Smartwool socks propelling me comfortably forward! I yearn for a hill, let alone dream of how great it would feel to scale a mountain instead of these strikingly flat countries. We are now almost 135 miles into the journey. The team is holding up pretty well, all considered our different backgrounds and training. One ocean rower, one businesswoman, one mom, one student, and one skier! I am getting some fabulous press around the world and in the US regarding my SAVE OUR SNOW message. Even the United Nations is sending press releases out about my project. I’ve even been grouped with a country’s efforts – one US magazine title – “A freeskier and the Russians Work to Save our Snow”. Small steps really make a difference – both on this walk and for solutions to climate change. Just like one small step feels so insignificant, add them all up and you really have something – a quarter of a million steps will take us to Brussels, and all my personal small steps have halved my personal carbon footprint. Thanks again for the fabulous support along the way, and I’ve sent some fun photos of the journey for you below. Spread the good word of my recommended first step of CROP – calculate your current carbon footprint today, http://www.carbonfootprint.com. You can’t manage it, if you can’t measure it!!