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Walking the Talk: Osprey’s Green Team Leader Sam Mix

Sam's Weminuche flower garden

Osprey’s Outdoor Marketing Manager Sam Mix should get an award for his green efforts. From my perspective, he seems to have single-handedly created the Osprey Green Team — a group of volunteer employees that look to always improve the companies’ sustainability efforts.

One of the reasons I’ve been skiing and biking for Osprey for so long is their ability to walk the talk — the Resource Series (packs built with recycled materials), the LEED Osprey headquarters expansion, packs built to last a lifetime with The All-Mighty Guarantee, lobbying congress with the Conservation Alliance, cardboard re-use, and even an employee cash reward for riding bicycles to work!

Bike Commuting is a way of life for Osprey

Recently, Sam brought me down to present for the Team Member Impact Reduction Program, one of the companies’ big environmental projects for the year.

Not only does Osprey work to reduce its own footprint, but it actively works with all employees to help them do the same at home.

We reviewed how to calculate your personal carbon footprint and from there went through simple and cost-effective steps to reduce those numbers for airline and vehicle travel, home, water and food consumption.

Sam had also asked me to do a tour of Osprey’s Cortez, Colorado headquarters, looking for money and energy saving ways the company could improve. Osprey’s employees were also fired up, and many came along for the tour. We found some easy fixes such as surge protectors and LED lights, that can help save energy and money, while also really reducing greenhouse gases.

Sam’s green efforts are all volunteer, and despite the insane hours he works in marketing, he always finds the time to make the world a better place.

From an Osprey Ambassador, cheers to Sam, thanks for helping to make a difference, and to Osprey for supporting his efforts! Learn more about Osprey’s green efforts.

Alison Gannett is an Osprey Athlete, a world champion extreme big mountain skier, ski film star, and an award-winning consultant for solutions to climate change. Learn more about Alison on her website: www.alisongannett.com