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What Happened to Summer in Montana?

Back from climbing in Cuba and surfing in Costa Rica, I went straight to work in the Tetons of Wyoming and the Beartooth Mountains of Montana for Jackson Hole Mountain Guides. I spent the vast majority of my summer days guiding above 11,000 feet based out of our high camp on The Grand Teton and the Beartooth Plateau of Montana.

I feel fortunate to spend so many days out in the hills for my work, and this summer was a busy one (only 3 days off in August). I saw many a sunrise in the midst of our pre-dawn alpine starts, and many a sunset just as I was climbing into my sleeping bag for an early night’s rest.

Amidst my summer work I seldom get to do any personal climbing, but that is what the fall is for. Before I knew it Canadian Geese were flying over head as a tell-tale sign of the approaching cold, black bears were fattening up on the abundant huckleberries, and I was running my last trip for JHMG up on “The Froze to Death Plateau” of the Beartooths. During that last climb Old Man Winter’s icy fingers began to lay down on the mountains encouraging most wise animals — including myself — to drop down into warmer valleys in search for the last rays of summery weather.

Now I am back home in Bozeman, the sun is shining and autumn rock season has begun. The next six days I will be on a local rock tour in Montana and Wyoming.

Until next month…

Sam Magro

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