What I Learned at Trail Days – Osprey Packs Experience
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What I Learned at Trail Days

What I learned at Trail Days:

1)      Beauty queens hate water balloons.

2)      Free wood and hot dogs offset any bad feelings about getting arrested.

3)     Drums and bonfires provide hours and hours and hours of night time entertainment.

3)      Yuengling beer is not Chinese.

4)      Southern hospitality is alive and well.

5)      Bikes built in the 21st century do not exist in Damascus, VA

6)      Eat more meat, drink less coffee.

7)      Never let someone else assign you a trail name.

Not that any of these observations make a bit of sense to the casual reader.  Suffice it to say that #1 and #2 in no way apply directly to me (or anyone associated with Osprey Packs).  Trail Days 2010 is over.   We repaired dozens of packs, fit dozens of hikers, molded several hipbelts, all in the name of making the rest of our hiker friend’s journeys more comfortable.  In the process, we’ve learned a great deal about our packs and how they perform on a long trail.  That in turn gives us the information we need to build a better pack for you, no matter what your hiking demands.

See y’all at Trail Days 2011!!

Written by Gareth Martins, Director of Marketing