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What’s Hot for Cold: Paradox Sports Fashion Show Fundraiser in Boulder

Earlier this month, I attended another superb event organized by Paradox Sports. Before this, most of the Paradox events I’ve attended have involved a weekend outside, but this time around I headed to Boulder for a fashion show fundraiser at Neptune Mountaineering — one of the most impressive outdoor retail shops I’ve ever seen.

This was the first fashion show that Neptune has hosted as a fundraiser for Paradox Sports. The show featured Neptune employees and Paradox Sports athletes modeling the latest in winter soft goods and shouldering the latest hard goods. The theme, What’s Hot for the Cold, reflects the paradox that exists when disabled athletes are out climbing 5.12 pitches, kayaking Class VI whitewater and skiing the steepest drops. The sight of these athletes climbing high-standard routes in Eldorado or running South Boulder Creek during the runoff, inspires and motivates even the most jaded.

The cost of running Paradox programs increases every year as does the cost of the adaptive equipment needed to participate in these sports. A prosthetic climbing foot for an amputee costs $1,500 and a specialized leg for climbing can cost over $15,000. For a paraplegic, the cost is even higher: an adaptive mountain bike runs over $6,000 and a specialized climbing harness and ascending gear over $1,500. Please donate here.

Neptune’s goal for the evening was to raise more than $5,000—enough to underwrite the cost of a weekend of ice climbing for a group of 20 or send 3 paraplegics on a wilderness trip into the Alaskan Bush in pursuit of King Salmon and Arctic Char.

Upon arrival, the attendees were greeted with the opportunity to purchase raffle tickets, enjoy the kegs donated by AveryBrewing, and consider bidding on a donated item in the silent auction. Osprey as a corporate sponsor donated some product from our 2012 line. I was not only psyched to show my support, but also catch up with old friends. Some folks even traveled from the east coast to attend the event!

Malcolm Daly, Paradox Sport’s executive director kicked things off by telling the story behind the organization, and also recounted his own accident. When Malcolm speaks, all eyes and ears are on him. For this reason, and many others, he has proven to be an irreplaceable asset to the organization.

Following his talk was the fashion show… the show was nothing short of entertaining and impressive. One of the wildest parts in my opinion was when athlete Mike Reddy (above) came out sporting a full down expedition suit. Considering the body heat in the room, as well as his own and whatever beverages he was consuming, I was quite impressed.

The event was a great success. Even then, Paradox will always need support from their friends in the outdoor community.

Please visit their website and consider becoming an ambassador!