What’s In Your Pack? Climbing Sustenance – Osprey Packs Experience
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What’s In Your Pack? Climbing Sustenance

With the Tour de France in full swing we’ve got Europe on the brain, so for week two of our photo contest we figured it would be only fitting to feature a classic “What’s In Your Pack?” Euro style. Flickr user AeroSoph knows just what it takes to climb the highest mountain in the Pyrenees, Pico Aneto: an ice axe, an Osprey and of course, some delicious baguettes. That’s good use of those outer pockets!

We want to know what’s in your pack! We’re running our photo contest is running all month so there’s plenty of time to submit! We’ll be selecting one photo a week to feature here on our blog, and all weekly winners will score a Digi Stow! At the end of the month two people will win a Farpoint 70, perfect for packing on your next adventure. To take part, just upload your photos to our Flickr pool, tag with “whatsinyourpack” and be sure to write a description of just what’s hiding inside your pack.