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#WhatsInYourFestyPack: Festy Pack Essentials

#WhatsInYourFestyPack: Festy Pack Essentials

Crystal Henson is our #WhatsInYourFestyPack winner who will receive two GA tickets to this year’s Electric Forest as well as two customized Ospreys to carry her Festy Pack Essentials! Here are a few words of wisdom from Crystal, for those of you attending Electric Forest or any Festival for that matter. 


My festy pack embraces the sustainability practices encouraged by Electrology, and three years of first-hand experience at Electric Forest. My festy pack is an Osprey Sirrus 24 and contains around 83 items.

Think About Your Purchases: I do my best to reuse or upcycle existing “stuff” whenever possible and extra packing materials is removed ahead of time and recycled. My Eno Double Nest Hammock has now survived three Forests, and all of my blankets, sarongs and clothing items are either gifts or garage sale finds. I use a Sea to Summit Reactor Thermolite as a lightweight shield for cold nights. Since the Giving Tree has seriously saved my @ss year after year, I’m planning to bring of basket of both essential items (earplugs, duct tape, socks, canvas bags, tarps, towels, sunglasses, TP, etc.) and some handmade items (hair jewelry, friendship bracelets, and brownies).

Bring The Basics: my eco Lunch Box, spork, thermos (with hidden stash area in the base!), and Platypus water bladder have lasted over four years without fail and offers a healthy, cost-effective alternative to standard festy food. Even though I don’t smoke, I bring a tin to collect the cigarette butts of my neighbors, trash bags, and microfiber cloths to help keep the venue clean. Hygiene-wise, I follow the same routine as I would while camping with refillable containers. My go-to products: Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap, Hand Sanitizing Spray, Baby Powder, Neosporin + Band-Aids, Burts Bees Lip Balm, Sunscreen, Biodegradable Baby Wipes, Bug Spray, Toothpaste.

Pool Your Resources: Since Electric Forest is the only time of year that I can meet up with friends that fly in from all corners of the globe, everything in my festy pack is designed to be shared. My group usually meets the day before the festival for a grocery run (+20 organic food items per person for Conscious Alliance!) and an inventory review. I usually contribute a box o’ LED bling, including a few dozen Glow Eco-Light Sticks (each lasts as long as 1,250 chemical light sticks!), and a solar charging station for cell phones. Everyone in my camp usually uploads all of their photos after the festival so we can share the memories. When technology fails, I use the tried-and-true festy messaging system of leaving an upcycled canvas flags, clothespins and a sharpie at a predetermined meeting location to communicate “stuff.”

Electricology and Osprey want to thank Crystal Henson for her insight and we look forward to seeing you all at the 2014 Electric Forest!