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When It All Comes Together…

I’m just going to come right out and say it. The Selkirk Mountains of British Columbia are home to the best skiing in the world.

There, I said it. And I believe it after spending quite a few years skiing around the world. I haven’t found a place where the terrain, snow pack and snow quality come together in such a way that you can consistently ski such high quality powder snow.

And this last week was proof that my (not so) bold statement is true. Well, the last 3 weeks, wait, the last two months actually. I tallied up my snow observation history the other day for the season, and it showed me that 53 of the last 61 days had measurable amounts of new snow, and that the temperature never got above 0 degrees Celsius at my lodge (www.vmt.ca). And this last week was the icing on the cake. A brief windstorm last Saturday kind of plastered on the snow in most locations, and the temps warmed up. Then it started snowing about 5 to 10cms a day for 5 days, with gradually dropping temps and no wind at all. The result was bomber stability (aka low avalanche danger) and boot top cold smoke from the highest summits to the lowest valleys. That’s what I’m talking about.

I made a quick video from a few runs and summits last week, but I was too busy skiing (my group I was guiding tallied about 40,000 vertical feet of ski touring last week!) to take more photos and video… Enjoy!