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Who Inspires You?

Osprey Adventure Envoy Evan Stevens, who normally covers climbing and guiding for us over on the Osprey Blog, shares with us his other love, mountain biking, and reminds us that riding buddies come in all shapes and sizes.

In my life it feels as though you get pigeon holed into a social circle based on your outdoor activities. For me, guiding is my source of income, whether it’s skiing or climbing, small rocks, glades, big mountains, you name it. As a consequence it seems like the majority of my skiing and climbing partners are all guides, as we share the same love for the mountains and very flexible work schedules.

However, I have one hobby which doesn’t seem to fit in with the rest: mountain biking. Where I live in Squamish, BC, biking is just as much a way of life as climbing is, and with all sports like climbing and biking, you can choose to be a queen of one trade or a jack of a few.

I guess I might actually be a 10 of diamonds when it comes to biking, but I do love to hit the local trails here. Problem is I don’t really have a circle of friends that bike with my random riding schedule. Sure I have a few friends who ride, but there is one friend that I do 99% of my riding with exclusively, out there on every single ride I ever do.

He smokes me up every hill, and beats me down the really technical descents. When it’s raining, he is there to make me get out the door, staring me down until I finally suck it up to go play in the rain. What a partner right?  Where can I find a partner like that?  In this case, I found him from some family friends that had a litter of 5 puppies, and he ended up joining our family.

Benny, aka the powder hound (as he ski tours with my 5 days a week at my ski lodge Valhalla Mountain Touring in the winter), is a tall, lanky, power house of a dog that never seems to tire.

Today I pay homage to Benny as he gets me off my ass better than almost anyone I know (my wife Jasmin is a bigger inspiration, but she’s not here all the time like him!).  Here’s a quick vid of some local riding with my partner…