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World Oceans Day: What Are You Doing To Celebrate Our Oceans?

IMG_3603Our ocean. It generates most of the oxygen we breathe. It gives us food. It regulates our climate and cleans the water we drink. And for anyone who has ever stood on the beach and closed their eyes, listening to the waves crash—our ocean is exhilarating and provides limitless inspiration.

It’s our ocean, so we need to protect it. Today is World Oceans Day. What are you doing to celebrate and protect our oceans?


It’s the original “too big to fail”: the ocean. As World Oceans Day arrives this week, threats to the world’s biggestWOD_Logo_small and most crucial ecosystem are seen in sharp relief: oil in the gulf, climate change, overfishing, acidification and more.

To raise awareness of some of the most pressing threats to our global ocean, TakePart asked a series of ocean experts, advocates and conservationists two simple questions: What is the most pressing issue facing oceans today? And how can people get involved?

Five ocean advocates responded—here are their answers.

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PHOTO Courtesy Emily Nuchols.