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World Water Day: Is Bottled Water Really That Bad? Ditch the Plastic

While a large portion of the world desperately seek clean drinking water, the United States and other countries spend billions on bottled water when perfectly clean drinking water is readily available.

Today is World Water Day, a day that people around the world are celebrating, building awareness and taking action to protect this vital resource. We need water. No ifs, ands or buts about it. Fresh water is absolutely crucial to every living thing on this planet, especially humans. Think about it: how much water have you used today? Brushing your teeth, making your morning coffee, the wheat that made the cereal that you at for breakfast was grown with water… we could go on. The point being that we are incredibly dependent on fresh, available water.

Now answer this question: do you drink bottled water? Now, is bottled water really that bad? As it turns out, yes. Yes, it is.

We’ve recently partnered up with 5Gyres, an organization that is on a mission to research, educate and ultimately end plastic pollution in our world’s oceans. And here at Osprey, we’ve taken the challenge to ditch the plastic when possible at the office, at home and elsewhere in our lives — the most menacing culprit being, you guessed it, bottled water.

This infographic by Online Education (we found it via FastCo.Design) lays it all out there. Bottled water is really that bad. Take a look and ditch that plastic water bottle and swap it out for a nice, reusable one and be grateful that you can fill that baby up with fresh water straight from your tap.

The Facts About Bottled Water