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Yackle Brothers Racing: Putting Osprey Packs to the Test

Waiting At The Start Line During Sea Otter

I am 11-year-old Jake Yackle and I live in Cortez, CO. For four years I’ve been XC Mountain Bike racing in the Four Corners States and for the past two seasons I’ve stepped up to race teenagers and adults in competition. My brother, Nye, and I traveled to the Sea Otter Classic last month to race against nationally ranked 13-14 year-old juniors that are closer to our age.

Before our XC race, each of the three consecutive days, we completed pre-rides on the dry, hot 14.5 mile Sea Otter course. The Osprey Verve 4’s ample water capacity and innovative lightweight design proved perfect to help keep us fresh and energetic for our second most important race of the season.

I competed in my race and finished a great 5th place against 25 top junior 13-14 year-old racers!

Sprinting For The Finish Line

On our 10-day trip, after racing the Sea Otter Classic, we had three days of vacationing in the Monterey Bay area of California before we had to head to the Whiskey Off Road in Prescott, AZ and La Tierra Torture in Santa Fe, NM, the following weekend.

We took a trip to California Big Basin Park. The next morning, with our Raptor and Manta packs filled with  lunch, gear and water we set out on our 12-mile roundtrip hike through the Redwoods to the beautiful Berry Creek Falls and Golden Cascade Falls.

Within a couple of days we were off to the races again. This time for some Prescott riding! Our Osprey Verve 4’s impressed again, sustaining us throughout our entire Whiskey Off Road Endurance Race pre-rides and Saturday’s race — and the packs kept us prepared and hydrated for the La Tierra Torture XC race, Sunday in Santa Fe, NM.

23,600 feet of climbing, 161 miles of racing/riding/hiking and traveling 2,800 miles in 10 days! You can see we test and prove that Osprey active packs and travel packs are the BEST, every day!

Jake and Nye, the Yackle Brothers, started mountain biking and 6 and 7, respectively near their hometown of Cortez, Colorado. They enjoy living amongst high alpine mountains, sandstone deserts and the Colorado River and its tributary rivers where they can participate in all types of outdoor sports, including: biking, hiking, camping, backpacking, rock climbing, skiing, river and water sports.