Macky Franklin

Osprey Sponsored Athlete and Mountain Biker
Wanna do your own #manualmonday? Check out the link in my profile to read a piece I wrote for @ospreypacks about learning to #manual. It definitely takes some practice, but when you get it, it's a great way to impress your friends! For some inspiration, here's a 20-second manual from Snowmass this year. Now get out and practice! #20seconds #practicemakesperfect #ospreyathlete #ospreymanual
This week, my #sponsorshoutoutsaturday goes to @angelfirebikepark. I have a ridiculously long history with Angel Fire. I grew up in Taos, just over the mountain, and Angel Fire is where I raced my first ever mountain bike race, the Angel Fire Chile Challenge, in 2003. It was that race that got me excited about racing and ultimately set the stage for my career as a professional racer. A few years later, I went to highschool in Angel Fire and spent every afternoon riding the trails at the mountain, pedaling to the top because the lifts weren't open. Since then, Angel Fire has continued to be my home mountain and as I transitioned to enduro, I spent more and more time there, riding downhill laps. The resort has always been super supportive and riding there so much has hugely influenced my riding style. So, thanks Angel Fire for helping me become the race I am. I'm proud to call you my home mountain! πŸ“Έ @kaelajordanmedia
Back to the good ol' USA. We get a couple days rest here in Athens, OH then we pack up #greatwhitetheadventurevan and drive West! Excited to get back to #vanlife and #lifeontheroad. #vanlifefriday
Already missing the greens of Scotland. Between the moss, the grass and the leaves (yes, even in the middle of winter) it was green pretty much everywhere. πŸŒ±πŸŒ³πŸ€πŸŒΏπŸƒ But now I'm getting ready for some high desert scenery! πŸ—»πŸŒ΅
Scotland sent me off in style today with beautiful light on my last ride. The sun even came out! The last five weeks here have been amazing. Lots of steep, muddy riding and chasing fast locals around. Thanks to everyone who showed us around, you're lucky to live in such a rad riding spot! #peebles #scottishborders
Happy Valentine's Day! Check out the romantic bike-packing video that my Valentine, @sydgschulz, and I shot with @jamisbikes. And after you watch it, go enter to win a sweet bike-packing getup for you and YOUR Valentine ❀😍 including Jamis bikes, @pocsports helmets, @ospreypacks packs, @gemini.lights night lights, a @eurekacamping tent, @jetboil stove and @blackburndesign bike bags! Link in profile. #happyvalentinesday
Absolutely LOVING the riding here in Scotland. Muddy, steep and exactly the stuff I need to work on! Big thanks to @garywforrest, Graeme​ and the rest of the crew for showing me around today. And for helping me with my Scottish, which I'm still terrible at understanding (my fault, not theirs). As a challenge for the Americans, see if you can understand what Graeme says at the end (I repeated it a couple times to try to help)! #sundayfunday
This week's #sponsorshoutoutsaturday goes to @xpedousa pedals. Xpedo is one of the companies I've been working with the longest, since 2012 (possibly earlier, it's hard to remember it has been so long) and they've taken great care of me. Ken, who runs the US distribution, has always been supportive, encouraging and willing to listen to feedback. He's also responsible for getting me in more magazine ads than I can count! So, thanks guys (especially Ken) for everything you do and for making pedals that can take such a beating! I'm proud to call myself an Xpedo athlete! πŸ“Έ by @kaelajordanmedia at @angelfirebikepark #newmexicotrue
Sad to be leaving Scotland next week but excited for a bit of #vanlife before heading to New Zealand. I've missed living out of #greatwhitetheadventurevan and sleeping in our @autohomeus rooftop tent! Here's a starry nightscape from desert living in Moab last year.
Throwing it back to early last year, shooting with @sydgschulz, @anthonyjmilio and @bastian_od in Nevados de Chillan, Chile. Sometimes, to get to the best trails, you just gotta hike! #tbt #throwbackthursday
#womancrushwednesday goes to @sydgschulz. Badass bike racer, writer and world traveler. If you don't follow her yet, you should.
Just watched the first couple episodes of "Long Way Round" (the motorcycle series) and it made me miss my dirt bike. Gonna try to squeeze in a few desert rides while I'm back in NM between my Scotland and New Zealand trips! #braaaap #crosstraining 🏍
Rode some great trails up at the "Golfie" in Innerleithen, Scotland today, with names like "Liver Damage" and "Boner" - gotta love the Scots! Unfortunately a crash yesterday and the resulting sore shoulder kept me from truly appreciating them, but I'll be sure to get back up there before I leave and give them another go! Thanks to @garywforrest and crew for showing me around!
I'll be doing a #sponsorshoutoutsaturday weekly, and because I only work with brands make awesome stuff, I'm going to talk about WHY I work with the brand instead talking about their product. For my first one I want to give a shoutout to @vittoriatires. Vittoria was the first company that approached me about sponsorship (instead of the other way around) back when they were still Geax tires. I wasn't sure what to think. I was pleased to have been asked to be part of their program, but I didn't anything about their product. What convinced me was that the brand manager and tire designer, Ken Avery, made it clear that he was serious about making badass tires. He had a ton of experience and an incredible understanding of tread design, casings and compounds AND he was willing to listen to feedback. So I said "yes" and I'm glad I did! Since that time, I've watched the company transition to the Vittoria name, create a ton of really good new treads, rework their casing, create the first 4C tire (all of these technologies went into the Martello, the tire in the picture) and become one of the top MTB tire brands in the world. They've asked for feedback and then used that feedback to improve their products. And all of this was in the last four years! So...thanks @vittoria_emea! You guys rock!
Tucked + pinned. #flashbackfriday to racing the @montenbaik @AndesPacifico at this time last year. Couldn't imagine a bigger contrast β˜€ than being here in Scotland 🌧, except both places have amazing trails! Gonna have to make it back for next year's edition! πŸ“Έ @felipefariasr
Stoked to release this bike-packing video that @sydgschulz and I shot with @jamisbikes this past fall in my hometown of Taos! It's even cooler because, in honor of Valentine's month, Jamis is doing a contest where you can WIN a bike-packing getup for you and your special someone πŸ’. The prize includes helmets from @pocsports, packs from @ospreypacks, lights from @gemini.lights, a tent from @eurekacamping, stove from @jetboil and bike packs from @blackburndesign. Check out the link in my profile!
One of the best pieces of gear I brought to Scotland was my @ospreypacks pack rain cover. I've started using it even if it isn't raining because it acts as a mud guard for my pack. It's a little thing, but it has made cleaning up after rides so much easier. Instead of washing my pack after each ride, I just rinse the the rain cover off... Also, happy #manualmonday!
You might not realize it, but you've probably seen this abandoned bobsled track in Sarajevo, Bosnia before. There was a viral video at one point of someone riding down it. Pretty cool to see it in real life. Wish I'd had a sled... Or a fat bike! Check out the link in my profile to watch the video.
Spot the rider. A little Friday inspiration to get out there this weekend no matter the weather!
Grey skies and mud. Another beautiful day in Scotland!