Beth Rodden

Osprey Sponsored Athlete and Rock Climber
Climbing shoes ✔️Chalk bags ✔️Tapis ✔️The boys circuiting at Cuvier 💛💪 (not pictured is Ingrid Wilde who is holding her own in the forest...once she masters that whole biped mobility thing she'll be paving the way for these three 😉) #woohoofitz #fitzandtheo
@beccajcaldwell waltzing up the boulders. It was a full on family day today at Cuvier, with the kids outnumbering the adults at times 😳😝 I was lucky enough to climb with some amazing mamas @practicewithlydia @shawnajacoby 😊💪💛
Summit party! The dads took the boys today so the mamas could climb 😊💛 Great day out in the forest.
There were four adorable kiddos at the boulders today, but these two stole the show 😝👯 #whenindoubtstandout #colorforthewin
Theo working on the kiddo slab circuits 💛😊
There are many things to love about our trip to Fontainebleau so far...but handheld walks on cobblestone streets with my favorite little man are tops 😊💛
Hooray for mama climbing days in the forest 😊
Bouldering with a cherry on top 🍒Theo waiting for Dad to wrestle his way to the top 😊
@randypuro ending his "volume" day with a send of "Furtif Droite" 👍💪 Great last day out with Team Norway, we'll miss you! @outdoorresearch @lasportivana
Wonderful day out in the forest with these two and Team Norway 😊💛🙏
If you are going to be stuck under a boulder in the rain, make sure you have a croissant 😉🥐
After a couple of wet days in the forest @randypuro and Team Norway got to squeeze in a few minutes of dry climbing tonight. Here's Randy topping out Furtif Haute before more rain comes again tomorrow! 😉🌧 @outdoorresearch @lasportivana
Naptime at the boulders 🙃😴
Managed to squeeze in a little time at the boulders with bleary eyes 🙃 Always fun to meet up with good @katakaha working out the moves on Contrôle Technique.
Bye bye America! See ya in a few months! 👋👋✈️
Saddest part of a big international trip is leaving this guy 😓 Soaking up some time with our big brown goofball. #ridgeback
Going to miss this place over the next few months! Don't go changing on us too much ...✌️out Yosemite! A few more days in the Bay then we're off! 👍😊
They say raising kids takes a village. The past few days we couldn't have felt more fortunate for ours. We are getting ready for our trip and Theo loves unpacking everything we've packed 😬 Luckily auntie @lynbarraza and auntie @snoras have taken Theo for some romping time with Sebby and Conrad. Here's Lyn delivering Theo, his car seat and his bike...all on her bike while simultaneously toting Conrad and all of his accoutrements! 💪🚴‍♀️ We couldn't do this while parenthood thing without our amazing friends 🙏 #ihavebikeenvy
My dad introduced me to climbing more than two decades ago. He's always been my biggest supporter and teacher. I have to say, it warms my heart to see him spotting Theo and using the same gentle encouragement he has always given me. 💛
I'm a bit late on the Valentines Day frenzy...but @randypuro highly dislikes public displays of affection over social I try to save that embarrassment for birthdays, anniversaries and Father's Day 😝 But, Valentines Day also happens to be the day that I finally managed to scrape my way up this climb, Meltdown. A day to celebrate love and good memories! Happy belated Valentines Day! ... and you're the best @randypuro 😉